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Unexpected Funds!

February 21st, 2006 at 06:02 am

Have you ever received a piece of mail and just assumed it was another regular mailing... not bothering to look at it good before putting it into the keep pile on the kitchen bar? Well while going through tax forms and getting ready to file our taxes, hubby found a check we didn't know we had received. So I'll be adding that little divident check to my $20 Challenge.

I'll be going through all the mail and paying more attention to what comes in. For some reason I just thought this money was reinvested, but for some reason they sent it to us... I'll have to check in to the reason behind that one.

On to other things.. I answered a few questionaires for $1 and as soon as they are processed I'll add those to the Challenge pot too.

Added to Challenge Account: $299.28
New Total: $354.61

2 Responses to “Unexpected Funds!”

  1. refundsrus Says:

    your doing great!

  2. PamelaB Says:

    Thanks!!! I feel like I am too!

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