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Has it been that long?

August 9th, 2006 at 05:44 am

Ok.. I know I haven't posted here since May, but I really have been busy. :-) School is out for two weeks, so I have a little break before I begin my last semester... YEAH! Lately I've been so excited about finally graduating, getting that little expensive piece of paper called a degree.
But then I feel upset, because I've realized that that small piece of paper now comes with a very big bill. Oh I know its nothing compared to those bills from Harvard, but none the less its huge to me.
See, over the past couple of years we've been able to pay off all the credit cards, save six months salary for a emergency fund, paid off the vehicles (even the 2005), and leaving us only with our mortgage. Now once I finish school I'll be hit with an new payment... so it's only $289 a month, but it's for 300 months! Yeah yeah... I know we'll be paying it off ahead of time..saving a boat load of interest, but the thought of it is scary! It's like a mini mortgage on its own! Ok...I regress. I've very proud of my degree, and I've already been hit with a couple of job prospects. Right now I'm very confident we'll be able to "knock this baby out" in no time, even if I have to take most of my first years salary to do it. Who knows...maybe I'll land that dream job! As of now any job is better than no job...right? :-)

Call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT

February 19th, 2006 at 02:27 pm

On Friday I logged in to view my free credit report and found a new section of information. It's a listing of all the people/credit card companies that my information had been given out to. Well once they have your info, they check your credit then send out a application. One company has inquired into my credit history once a month for the past year! (A total of 12 companies were looking into my credit too) It's not supposed to hurt your credit with these types of inquires since they only see your Name, Address, Employment, etc, but I just don't like it at all! Well... no more of that.

I finally decided to Opt Out. I know this will cull some of them, but I hope it helps if only a little.

ClarkHoward.com has a little more info about the service if you want to research it yourself.

Turned in to the cable company the second Dvr we had which will save us $7.99/month = $95.88 a year (before taxes), and I cancelled my Stamps.com account that I haven't used much because I'm not a "selling fool" over on eBay like I used to be.. saving us $15.99/month = $191.88 for the year.
(I won't add this to my $20 challenge since it's not actual cash flow coming in.)
Not much going on this weekend... I think Nascar is on tv, but I haven't been watching. Ok.. off to see what I can find to list on eBay.